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This could get to be habit forming! The second monthly "ByGeorge!" cartoonists luncheon for Charlotte-area folks of the artistic persuasion was a fun, informal and friendly affair that brought some new faces and some old artwork together in the same place.

The initial meeting place was Shelton Drum's classy "Heroes Aren't Hard To Find" comic book shop at Pecan and 7th Street. The early birds gathered there, then adjourned to the Bayou Kitchen across the street. Several stragglers showed up a little late and took their seats directly. It was a cool, drizzly day and we had the unique pleasure of sitting in the restarurant's screened in porch. The traffic whizzing by on the wet pavement only added to the coziness.

L-R: Greg Russell, and wife Norma, Karen Van Vleet, Bill Pitzer, Shelton Drum, Gene Payne, Gerry Mooney, Don Sherwood, Jim Scancarelli, Marcus Hamilton, Kevin Siers.

Attending were familiar faces Bill Pitzer, Shelton Drum, Gene Payne, Gerry Mooney, Don Sherwood, Jim Scancarelli, Marcus Hamilton, and Kevin Siers, as well as new best friends Greg Russell, his wife Norma, and Karen Van Vleet.

The format of these lunches is falling into place in a friendly fashion, and it was decided by informal vote that each lunch will feature one member presenting either his or her own artwork, or in the case of Shelton, a stunning sample of his collection of original comic art.

Shelton opened a large black zippered case on an empty table to display an eye-popping, wide-ranging collection of art, including pages by Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, Klaus Janson, Steve Ditko, Don Heck, Barry Smith, Sal Buscema, John Buscema, Frank Brunner, Jim Starlin, Jackson Guice, Charles Vess and many others. Much oohing and aahing ensued, and it seemed that everyone wanted to touch the zip-a-tone!

Once we pulled ourselves away from the exhibited work, we dug into Cajun food and conversation. Marcus once again took the reins of consensus to start making plans for our next lunch get-together. After putting the waitress through the ordeal of making change for eleven separate checks, we returned to the comic shop for a few more laughs and our commemorative group photograph.

I have a feeling most of us were already thinking of next month.

Gerry Mooney September 2004

Photo by a store employee. Thanks, store guy!