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Usually held on the last Monday of the month, The "By George" Luncheon for June was moved by popular acclaim to coincide with Shelton Drum's awesome Heroes Convention at the Charlotte Convention Center. A couple of our regulars, Marcus Hamilton and Don Sherwood, had table space at the con where they were doing sketches, selling books and chatting with fans.

L-R Standing: Greg and Yael Russell, Marcus Hamilton. L-R Sitting: Charlie McElvy, Andy Smith, Don Sherwood, Maddy and Dave McDonald, Gerry Mooney

The big news, of course, was Marcus bringing home the Reuben for Newspaper Panel Cartoon. He brought it with him Friday, but didn't have it on Saturday at lunch. Probably didn't trust a bunch of hungry cartoonists around it!

Dave McDonald has been taking charge of organizing the lunches and we got the word to meet at Fuel Pizza, right across the street from the Convention Center. Now, normally, Fuel Pizza would be a great place to meet for lunch. But this was across the street from a comic convention. So the place was not only crowded, the crowd had that peculiar look to it where they all seem to be in mental communication with each other. To put it nicely.

We had a good turnout, with a couple of new additions in the group, Charlie McElvy and Andy Smith. I heard some great things about Andyıs work; maybe we can get him to bring some to a future lunch.

It was also nice to meet the kids that a couple of folks brought along with them, a nice side-effect of having the lunch on a Saturday. All in all it was pretty surprising how well we were able to visit crammed at a tiny table in a noisy, crowded pizza place! As usual we ended by rounding up an unsuspecting stranger to take our group photo.

Gerry Mooney July 2005

Photo by some guy standing in line.

More Photos

Marcus and Don

Convention dealers room