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"Gravity. It Isn't Just a Good Idea. It's the Law."

The time, 1977. The place, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The U.S. was deep into the gasoline crisis, with long gas lines, political uncertainty, and lots of affordable, high quality herb. There was an ad campaign on TV encouraging gas conservation, with the tagline, "The 55 mph speed limit. It isn't just a good idea. It's the law!"

As with everything else I see and hear, my first reaction was, "How can I make this as silly as possible?"

I promptly came up with the idea of substituting Gravity for the earnest plea to drive slowly.

I was working as an advertising artist for a now-defunct regional store chain called Otasco, where I created the first iteration of the phrase.

I also stuck pushpins up my nose, dubbed them "nose fangs" and had a co-worker take this picture, dated "10-22-77" on the back. Funny, I always thought I'd become famous for the nose fangs.

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