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"Gravity. It Isn't Just a Good Idea. It's the Law."

In 1979 my lovely girlfriend Vicki moved with me to New York (the land of my birth) and became my lovely wife.

Five minutes later I became involved in a wacky publishing project called The Greenwich Mean Times, a four page satirical "newspaper" that featured such stories as "Oil Discovered in Hell" and "George Washington Knew Judo".

I was the de facto art director/graphic designer, so I got to publish a number of things that probably wouldn't have been considered "edgy" (a word that didn't exist at the time, unless you were talking about someone whose nerves were shot) by other comparable publications, of which there were none.

I used a simple text version of the phrase.

Though I still thought the "Gravity" quote had potential somehow, I still held onto it as just a phrase. The image hadn't occurred to me yet!

Find out what happens when I finally figure it out!